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This is what distinguishes our Instagram followers from those of other providers.
We try to constantly expand and adapt our offer, we are therefore dependent on your feedback.

Real instagram accounts

Our Instagram followers come from active profiles that have their own profile pictures, their own subscribers, and their own posts. Learn more

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You can easily choose between international and German premium Instagram followers.

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Our followers start automatically after placing the order, so you don't have to worry about a delay.

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We offer a 30-day refill service for international followers and a 6 months refill service for german followers. Learn more

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our Instagram followers? If so, it’s best to take a look at the following FAQ first.
The most frequently asked questions of our customers are already listed here. If your question is not included, you can contact our support team.

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Full recommendation if you are looking for high-quality followers

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The special thing about our Instagram followers

What is special about our Instagram followers and why the purchase is worthwhile,
you will learn in the following.

We provide real profiles from exchange networks

One of the special features of our Instagram followers is the source from which we get our subscribers. We refer real profiles from exchange networks, which means that the followers are real profiles.
Some of our competitors, on the other hand, use so-called fake profiles. Such profiles are created arbitrarily and have no active posts or own followers, which makes the purchase quickly noticeable.

Our international followers have:

We provide international followers who have their own posts, a profile picture and also their own subscribers. So these are real followers who are active on Instagram themselves. Some of our subscribers even have active stories, which further underlines the authenticity.

Our German followers have:

Also an authentic profile with

These are very active followers, which give your own account the necessary degree of authenticity. Because not only companies, but also users look at the followers of an account from time to time. If they only find profiles there that have either no or only two to four posts, this is the first warning sign for most people.
Also if the followers come mainly from another country, but you only write content in German, then most people here will be suspicious. For this reason, we give you the opportunity to choose from German and international followers, so that the followers also match your account.

These profiles were delivered to customers of our German services. We regularly carry out checks of the German Instagram profiles and check the number of posts, completed biography, activity on Instagram and whether it is the user’s main profile.

When unfollowing, followers are referred for free

When buying Instagram followers, you may ask yourself what happens when the followers unfollow again. This is of course a legitimate question, because after all, the followers should continue to follow the account for as long as possible after the purchase.
As a rule, this is also the case, although it cannot be 100% guaranteed that all subscribers will remain. If it should happen that subscribers unfollow the account again shortly, international followers can be refilled free of charge within 30 days.
In this case, only a request must be made, which will then be processed as quickly as possible German followers, on the other hand, will even be refilled automatically, i.e. without a request, up to 6 months after the purchase.

Buy Instagram followers - These are the advantages:

Nowadays, many people use the option to buy Instagram followers. This can have a decisive influence on your own reach and thus on your success in social media. What advantages buying Instagram followers offers you and what is special about our Instagram followers, you will learn in this post.

1. Social Proof

The first crucial advantage is the “social proof” effect. This means that other users are more likely to follow an Instagram account that already has many subscribers than one that has a very small audience reach. Buying followers can therefore get the ball rolling. If an Instagram account has a high number of subscribers, this is an indication for many users that there is probably interesting content there.
New users therefore become curious and also want to stay up to date, which is why they are happy to leave a follow. For this reason, it is very helpful to buy Instagram followers, especially at the beginning. Experience shows that the first 1,000 to 10,000 followers are very difficult to generate.
If, on the other hand, you have already built up a small audience, it is often easier to expand it even further. However, if you are just starting your Instagram career, then you should definitely take advantage of this.

2. Additional features are unlocked

Furthermore, additional features are unlocked when you reach certain follower marks. For example, you can only use the so-called swipe-up function in the stories once you have reached a certain number of followers.
The additional functions then offer you more opportunities to expand your reach even further. Damit du nicht warten musst, bis du die notwendige Follower-Marke geknackt hast, kannst du es dir leichter machen, indem du Instagram Follower kaufst.

3. Positive effect on the algorithm

Buying followers has a beneficial effect on the algorithm, so you can still achieve additional reach with it. The algorithm of Instagram is always aimed at showing users the most relevant content possible.

An account with a high reach is automatically more relevant for the algorithm than an account with a very low reach. As a result, your content will be shown more often if you have a high number of subscribers. This brings you to the attention of new potential subscribers, who then also follow you if they like your content.
Buying followers, therefore, gives you the opportunity to get more attention on the social platform, which significantly increases the potential of your Instagram account.

4. Better reputation for the account

Last but not least, followers ensure the seriousness of an account. An account with very few followers often evokes a certain amount of skepticism from potential new subscribers. Even if they like the content, users are often reluctant to follow someone if the account in question has only a very small number of subscribers.

Most people do not pay attention to how long the account has existed, but only take a quick glance at the number of subscribers. Here, the lower the number of followers, the lower the probability that new users will activate the subscribe button. By buying followers, you can avoid this problem.

What are Instagram followers?

Instagram followers are an important metric when it comes to reach on social networks. They show how many users follow an account and thus can potentially see its content. Especially in online marketing, it’s more important than ever to build up a certain number of Instagram followers in order to be present on the market.

Where is the cheapest place to buy Instagram followers?

At likefy, customers get the best value for their money when buying Instagram followers. This is especially true when it comes to real Instagram followers.

Whether you are self-employed, freelancer or entrepreneur – real Instagram followers bring decisive advantages when it comes to online marketing and positioning. So it’s hardly surprising that many companies are investing in Instagram followers.

As with all products, the price plays a central role and should be as cheap as possible. At likefy, customers get the lowest price for real Instagram followers.

How much do 1,000 Instagram followers cost?

The prices for Instagram followers fluctuate greatly and are adjusted gradually. Furthermore, prices differ depending on the provider and quality. You can expect around 8-20 € depending on the provider and quality for 1,000 Instagram followers.

Can you buy real Instagram followers?

Yes, it is absolutely possible and even recommended to buy real Instagram followers. The special thing about these Instagram followers is that the followers are from legal exchange networks, so they are real profiles.

The opposite of real profiles are so-called “fake profiles”, which many providers create to sell followers. These profiles are created quite randomly and most of the time it is also obvious at first glance that they are fake profiles.

Often they have no followers of their own and do not post their own content. These two features alone quickly make the purchase of Instagram followers obvious. Buying real followers should therefore be preferred.

Where is the best place to buy Instagram followers?

At likefy, anyone can buy real Instagram followers and thus profit to the maximum. These followers come from an exchange network and have their own posts and subscribers in addition to an authentic profile picture.
In some cases, they even actively post stories and interact with the content. Authenticity is therefore guaranteed, so that no one notices the purchase. The necessary level of reliability is also ensured.

There are many reasons why companies buy followers – but they all have one thing in common: the purchase of Instagram followers should be as unnoticeable as possible in order to achieve the desired effect.
Both companies and private users look at the followers of an account every now and then. If they find profiles that have no posts of their own and no followers of their own, they quickly become suspicious.

It becomes even more conspicuous when even the profile picture is missing. This is present in most fake profiles and meanwhile there are also many fake profiles that have at least four posts. However, own followers, stories, interactions and further contributions still remain absent.

At likefy, profiles are checked regularly, so customers can be sure that the profiles leave an authentic impression. For example, the profile picture, the completed bio, the number of posts and also the activity on Instagram are checked. So if you want to buy followers and be successful with them, you’re in good hands with likefy.

Is buying Instagram followers legal?

Yes, it is legal to buy Instagram followers. Many experts even advise this in order to make a quick rise and make a name for oneself in the respective industry. So buying Instagram followers is not only legal, but also highly recommended in most cases.

How does Instagram buy followers work?

Buying Instagram followers is quite simple: At likefy, there is a so-called exchange network, where the respective account is suggested to different users. It is a closed exchange network for buying Instagram followers. The users in this exchange network receive a commission if they follow the respective account. So buying Instagram followers is easier than ever!

Is it worth buying followers as a business?

Every social media agency knows the importance of outreach on social media. Therefore, especially for startups, but also for longer existing companies, the purchase of Instagram followers is worthwhile with high probability!

Moreover, if you want to buy Instagram followers, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. The cost of Instagram followers is very low, with 1,000 followers costing just €8-20, which almost any business can afford. So if you want a quick boost in reach on social media platforms, the only way to win is to buy Instagram followers. Moreover, different packages and items are offered so that everyone can get the right number of followers.

Of course, it is important to have a good overview as a company and to control the growth of followers at your own pace. From the start, it is therefore possible to choose between different packages with different numbers of followers at likefy. After the order comes the delivery immediately, which means that a short time later already the first purchased followers follow the respective account. Buying Instagram followers is therefore faster than many think. The profile immediately makes a better impression on Instagram and is thus perceived as more important by many potential customers.

Those who have many followers look serious and popular, which is why organic growth improves with a higher number of followers. In addition, a strong social media presence contributes to a strong positioning of the company.

So bought Instagram followers are in no way meant to replace real followers. Rather, Instagram followers should attract the real clientele and thus ensure organic growth. Last but not least, buying Instagram followers also has a positive effect on the algorithm, which leads to the posts being displayed more often to the respective users.

With the new Instagram algorithm, posts are often only played to a certain number of users. This is particularly annoying for companies when it is important information that they want to convey to their followers. In addition, posts that contain advertising messages, introduce new products or simply offer good content should be visible as best as possible. Buying followers can also contribute to this due to its positive algorithm effect.

Especially if you buy real Instagram followers, the account looks even more serious and well-known, which also strengthens the trust in the company. After all, new customers trust a company or brand that already has many followers more than a company that is just getting started.
Of course, to take advantage of this effect, buying real Instagram followers is essential. If the opposite occurs here, i.e. a scenario in which the purchase of followers stands out, this tends to scare off existing customers. Therefore, it is essential to use real followers from exchange networks in order to benefit from the purchase as a company to the maximum.

What should you do after the purchase?

After buying Instagram followers, it is important to keep the profile updated and continue to build it professionally. As mentioned above, authenticity is an important criterion for a serious appearance on social media platforms. Of course, to emphasize this, it is important to provide authentic and interesting content. For example, if you have a large and growing number of followers, but you don’t deliver content, you quickly arouse distrust. The right followers, who are also potential or existing customers, only interact with the account if they are interested in its content. That’s why it’s important to regularly deliver good content and involve the community.

Of course, it is not only the quantity that counts, but above all the quality of the individual contributions. It’s important to offer content with a lot of added value that provides direct and unmissable benefits to followers. In terms of content, this added value can relate to three different areas: Inspiration, information or entertainment.

When it comes to inspiration, sometimes just a memorable image can be enough. Information is increasingly – as the name suggests – about the transfer of information, which can relate to a wide variety of areas. For example, you can use Instagram to convey information about your own products, but also very general information.

The information contained must, of course, relate to the respective industry and be relevant for the respective target group. For example, a company that manufactures skin care products could provide general skin care tips. In addition, this information can also be wonderfully combined: For example, the company can provide tips on skin care and recommend a specific product at the end of the article.

The last category, namely entertainment, also delivers added value for users. As the name suggests, this is simply about entertaining followers. However, this in no way means that you necessarily have to be funny. For example, if you take your followers into your own company and show them “behind the scenes”, then this is also a form of entertainment for your own followers.

Furthermore, this type of content creation is also very useful in gaining the trust of followers and customers. This gives the brand or company something human, which immediately makes users feel more connected. Connectedness is a very important component to building a sustainable customer base.

No matter if the focus of the company is currently to acquire new customers or to inspire the existing customers with new products – in any case, you should be active after buying Instagram followers!

Why buy Instagram followers at likefy?

Likefy offers real Instagram followers, unlike many other providers. This brings the decisive advantage that the purchase of Instagram followers is not noticeable and thus they serve the desired purpose. Instagram followers on likefy have their own followers in addition to a profile picture, post their own posts, and sometimes even Stories. This underlines the authenticity of the accounts, which is authentic not only for companies, but also for other users. The Instagram followers are gained at likefy via an exchange network, which ensures the authenticity of the followers. In addition, these are regularly checked by us, so that a high level of security is guaranteed here.

Are followers interested in my pictures?

Usually, the purchased followers are not interested in the posts and pictures. Experience shows that only a very small number of followers interact with the images, even though they are real followers. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to the interaction rate. However, the advantage of buying Instagram followers is that purchased Instagram followers can increase organic reach, which ultimately increases the interaction rate. Every now and then, however, purchased followers may interact with posts and like or even comment on them.

Why is social media marketing important?

Social media marketing is important for every business in today’s world. This is mainly due to the fact that almost every target group can be found on social networks, and it is less easy to reach them in other places these days. This is true across almost all age groups and generations, although the youngest generations are the most affected.

In the past, it was common practice to market products with the help of billboards, TV commercials, or advertisements in magazines and journals. In the meantime, however, most people no longer watch traditional TV, but use streaming services, so this advertising channel is no longer available to most target groups. Consumption of magazines and periodicals has also dropped significantly, and the effectiveness of billboard advertising is clearly limited.

Social media platforms are the channel through which you can best reach your customers these days. This applies to a wide variety of companies and industries. Whether it’s clothes and shoes, food, electronics or completely different products – nowadays almost everyone uses Instagram, which is why almost everyone can be reached via this platform.

Even the older generations are becoming more and more familiar with modern technology and are also using social platforms such as Instagram and the like, making them easier to reach than in the traditional way.

What’s more, social media marketing opens up whole new doors in marketing and advertising. While many other advertising measures are about drawing customers’ attention to specific products in a very targeted manner and encouraging them to make a purchase, products are placed rather inconspicuously on social media. The type of marketing is much more giving and usually holds even more information for the users.

Also worth mentioning here are the benefits of influencer marketing, where well-known people regularly introduce and recommend products to their followers. However, it is often the case that the person in question simply uses the product themselves and tells their followers about its use. Since an influencer always represents a kind of role model for his followers, they usually want to buy the respective product directly.

Furthermore, companies have the chance to position themselves and take customers into their own world. For example, it offers the opportunity to show customers what it’s like behind the scenes of the respective brand. On top of that, events can be shared, sweepstakes can be made or other special promotions can be done. Thus the followers get more and more interested in the company and can identify with it. This increases the desire to buy products of the respective brand many times over.

Those who have a good social media presence therefore often no longer need to worry about advertising. Followers are so excited about the company or brand that they like its products anyway.

In addition, Instagram offers the option of placing ads that can then be seen in people’s Stories or feeds, for example. This is an obvious product placement, although this type of marketing is also very welcome among users. Among other things, Instagram offers the function of personalized advertising, so that content is only displayed to users who are apparently interested in the respective topics based on their activity on Instagram. Thus, social media marketing offers a wide range of benefits in the field of marketing that no company should miss nowadays.

What happens when you buy Instagram followers?

When you buy Instagram followers, nothing happens to your profile for now. Followers will start following the account immediately after the order is placed, causing it to grow rapidly. However, if a slow growth is desired after buying Instagram followers, it is also possible without any problems.

With likefy, everyone can decide for themselves how many followers they want to buy and at what intervals they should follow the account. Since the purchase of Instagram followers is legal, the account will not be suspended and there will be no further consequences. If the purchased followers unfollow the account, they can be easily reclaimed from Likefy.

How can I gain more Instagram followers?

Besides the great opportunity to buy followers, which then provide organic growth, there are many other aspects that should be considered if you want to become successful on Instagram.

Post regularly

To have a good social media presence, it is essential to post regularly. There are different categories for this, which range from posts and videos to stories and the so-called “lives”. Whether as a company, brand or influencer – if you want to be successful on Instagram, you have to show something of yourself or your products on a regular basis. Experts ideally recommend posting daily, but at least three times a week. The same applies to Instagram Stories: ideally, there is new content here every day. This ensures that you stay up to date and don’t leave the user’s mind. If they get new and interesting content every day, it is even easier to place and sell new products as well.

Good content

Of course, the important thing with content is not only that it appears regularly, but above all that it is of high quality. When it comes to images and photos, for example, professionalism is considered the be-all and end-all. This means that pictures should never be blurred or underexposed. At the same time, good content is also authentic and natural. This is especially true for video content and Instagram Stories.

In order to produce really good content, it is also essential to know the target group precisely. This makes it easier to find out what their wishes and needs are and how these can best be met.

Stand out

With nearly everyone on social media and competition continually increasing in nearly every industry, a successful entrepreneur or influencer needs something special. You have to find something that makes you stand out from the crowd. On the one hand, this can be the company’s own brand message, but can also be achieved through features such as branding and positioning.

For example, the branding colors, which are eye-catching in the best case, can be incorporated into the Instagram feed, so that the Instagram profile also gets a very unique style.

On Instagram, it’s quite normal these days to get inspiration from other profiles when creating content. This is also perfectly fine, since no one has to reinvent the wheel. However, it is important to transform the content sufficiently so that it fits your own company and brand.


The last and never to be underestimated point is the interaction with users as well as with other Instagram profiles. After all, Instagram followers alone do not increase a company’s sales. This only happens when followers are built up trust in the respective companies and as a result become customers. The better the Instagram profile is set up, the faster exactly that can happen. This is exactly why it is suitable to buy Instagram followers, especially in the beginning, as they give the profile a necessary level of trustworthiness and notoriety, which is generally very confidence-building.

Comments under your own posts should be answered as promptly as possible. This underlines that the owner of the account is really interested in the opinions of users and their needs. Questions received as direct messages should also be answered regularly. Those who want to use even more interactions for their own follower growth can also connect with other users. This includes, for example, writing comments under other accounts, which in turn comment back at you. Furthermore, you leave your name on numerous profiles in this way, so that followers are also made aware of it there.

If you follow these tips and make use of purchased Instagram followers, you stand a good chance of getting off to a successful start on social media in no time at all.

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