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This is what distinguishes our Instagram Likes from those of other providers.
We try to constantly expand and adapt our offer, we are therefore dependent on your feedback.

Real instagram accounts

Our Instagram Likes come from active profiles that have their own profile pictures, their own subscribers and their own posts. Learn more

Countries targeting

You can easily choose between international and German premium Instagram likes.

Fast delivery

Our likes start automatically after the order has been placed, so you don't have to worry about a delay.

Split like packages

All like packages can be individually split on your Instagram posts. Learn more

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about our Instagram Likes? If so, it’s best to take a look at the following FAQ first.
The most frequently asked questions of our customers are already listed here. If your question is not included, you can contact our support team.

Customer reviews

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Everything went really well. Likes came super fast and look good. I look forward to further cooperation.
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Really great service 🙏 Likes are super easy to split and start instantly
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Likefy is really ultra practical and German likes are exactly what I was looking for 👍
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Everything worked! I would like a delay function for the likes 🙂

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What's special about our Instagram Likes

Buying Instagram Likes for your own social media profile offers numerous advantages. If you choose to do so, you can grow tremendously fast and become successful on Instagram.

However, there are many providers – these differ not only in price, but also in quality and thus also in the way they push your Instagram account and what happens to your account.
Our Instagram Likes differ in many features from those of other providers and offer you numerous advantages that others can’t deliver.

Instagram Likes from real people

The special thing about our Instagram Likes is that they come from real people. So they are not – as with many other providers – so-called “fake profiles”.
Our Instagram Likes come from:

This makes a good impression on new followers. In this way, you can quickly and easily increase your reach on Instagram. ou make sure that your posts are not only shown to your existing followers, but also to new potential followers, so that the Instagram algorithm works for you.

These profiles were delivered to customers of our German services. We regularly carry out checks of the German Instagram profiles and check the number of posts, completed biography, activity on Instagram and whether it is the user’s main profile.

Individual order possible

In addition, you have several options to choose from. For example, you can choose between German and international Instagram Likes.
All Like packages can be individually split among the posts. So you decide yourself which post should get how many likes. Last but not least, the likes start automatically right after the order is placed, so you don’t have to worry about any delays.
So you can be sure that your Instagram Likes will have the desired effect.

Why you can become quickly successful with purchased Instagram Likes

You can expect a lot of benefits from buying so-called Instagram Likes. Of course, the goal of every aspiring Instagram user is to build up as many real Instagram followers as possible.
And that’s exactly what buying Instagram Likes helps you do.

1. Increase visibility

For example, one great advantage is that by buying Instagram Likes, you can significantly increase your visibility on the platform. If you have more likes, you’ll be on the Explore page more often, so new users can find you faster.
If your posts are also really good, they will be pushed even faster. Generally, Instagram works with an algorithm that shows users the posts that get a lot of likes and interaction. With purchased Instagram likes, new potential followers will therefore become aware of you much faster.
If the new users like your post, they give it an additional instagram Like, which pushes the post even further. In addition, you can generate many new followers in this way, of course, because you are displayed more often on the Explorer Page.

2. Social Proof

Furthermore, images that already have some likes will also be liked more often by others.
This effect is seen again and again in user behavior on the social platform, and completely independent of the industry, the target group and the content of the posts.

For example, if a post only has three likes, you probably think for a few seconds about whether you really want to give it a like or not. However, if a post already has several 100 likes, then you will probably tap the heart automatically.
So if a post already has a lot of likes, the user usually doesn’t even think about whether or not to give a like. If they like the post in his feed, they automatically press the Like button.

So make it easier for your followers with purchased likes and motivate them to like your posts by already creating a good base.

3. Better interaction rate

Last but not least, you can ensure a better ratio between followers and likes with purchased likes An account looks much healthier when the number of likes on posts matches the number of followers.

This is becoming a rarity for many accounts now, even if they haven’t bought Instagram followers. In the past, this problem actually consisted to a large extent of many users buying followers, but missing the number of likes afterwards.
In the meantime, however, this phenomenon is also evident without the purchase of followers, which is due to Instagram’s algorithm and security restrictions. As a result, many users have the problem that their posts are only displayed to very few followers and they therefore only achieve a minimal reach.

However, other users or potential cooperation partners are not aware of this effect, which is why they pay more attention to the so-called interaction rate, i.e. the ratio between followers and likes. With purchased Instagram Likes, you can put this ratio in the right light.

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