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Our views come from real international Instagram users, can be individually split on your posts, and start within a few minutes.

Instagram views
  • Real profiles from real users​
  • 30 days free refill
  • Package splittable up to 5 posts
  • Average delivery start 3 min
  • Average delivery completion: 10 min
Instagram views
  • Real profiles from real users​
  • 30 days free refill
  • Package splittable up to 12 Posts
  • Average delivery start 3 min
  • Average delivery completion: 15 min
Instagram views
  • Real profiles from real users​
  • 30 days free refill
  • Package splittable up to 25 Posts
  • Average delivery start 3 min
  • Average delivery completion: 20 min
Instagram views
  • Real profiles from real users​
  • 30 days free refill
  • Package splittable up to 50 Posts
  • Average delivery start 3 min
  • Average delivery completion: 30 min

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Your advantages

This is what distinguishes our Instagram views from those of other providers. We try to constantly expand and adapt our offer, so we depend on your feedback

Real Instagram profiles

Our Instagram views come from real profiles, you will notice the difference.

Impressions & Reach

In addition to the video views, you receive impressions and reach. So that your video got all the requirements to go viral

Fast delivery

Our views start automatically after the order has been placed, so you don't have to worry about a delay.

Views packages splittable

All views packages can be individually split on your posts.

frequently asked Questions

Do you have any questions about our Instagram views? Then take a look at the following FAQ first. The most frequently asked questions from our customers are already listed here. If your question is not included, you can of course contact our support.
Can the Instagram views disappear again?

In general, views do not disappear again. However, if it should happen, we offer a refill service for a period of 30 days. If you feel that views have disappeared, contact us here.

Where do the Instagram views come from?

Our views are primarily gained through international exchange networks. For this reason, you can be sure that the views come from real users.

Can my Instagram account be harmed?

No, none of our customers have ever experienced any harm from buying our Instagram views. Since our views come from real profiles, the purchased ones are no different from the organic views on Instagram.

Are there any other views packages offered besides the ones mentioned here?
Yes. First of all, you can flexibly split the specified packages among several posts and thus customize the interaction on your posts. If you need larger quantities or want to split them differently, feel free to contact us.

Customer reviews

Marie B.
(verified purchase)
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Great shop and offer! The views were there immediately, gladly again 🙂
(verified purchase)
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Everything went smoothly ... very pleasant buying process without any copying from the left 👍 order came super quickly
C. B.
(verified purchase)
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Can only recommend the calls. Everything fits with impressions and reach very cool. love greetings chris
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Great products and prices 😊 recommendation

Your feedback

Our Instagram views

If you want to grow on Instagram, buying Instagram Views can be an important step in the right direction. Buying views can give you numerous benefits, which means success on the social platform won’t be long in coming. Find out what our Instagram Views are all about and what benefits buying Instagram Views offers you.

What makes our Instagram Views

1. Our Instagram Views are coming from real profiles:

One of the biggest differences between our Views and our competitors’ offers is that they are coming from real profiles. Our views do not come from so-called fake profiles, but from real accounts with their own posts and subscribers.

2. You get not only views but also impressions and reach.

Furthermore, you not only receive views on your videos, but also achieve the same amount of impressions and reach. You can check this in your analytics. Increasing the reach and impressions also increases the probability of getting on the Explore page.

3. Views come directly and automatically

Another special feature of our views is that they start directly and automatically after your order. You don’t have to wait but can start directly. The views will then be delivered automatically and evenly distributed.

4. All view packages are individually splittable

In addition, our view packages are individually splittable. So you can decide for yourself which video should get how many views. This way you can control the reach of your posts individually.

Buy Instagram Views - These are the advantages:

Instagram views can significantly increase your success on Instagram, but many Instagram users have overlooked this until now. While buying followers and likes has become almost popular, most users are not even aware of the benefits that a high number of views on videos can bring. For this reason, we briefly list the benefits in the following overview.

For video posts on Instagram, views, not likes, are displayed

One of the most important aspects is that the number of views and not the number of likes is always displayed under an Instagram video. Of course, the Likes also play a central role, but they are not apparent at first glance in videos.
What counts here is the number of views, which is ultimately also responsible for whether other users view the post or not. If a video has a lot of views, then this conveys that the post is successful and popular.

A high number of views encourages other users to watch the video.

Video content in particular requires a high level of interest on the part of the user. Viewing a picture only takes a few seconds, but a video takes much longer. Since the Internet in particular is very fast-moving, users don’t want to waste time with uninteresting content. The number of views shown therefore gives users an important indication of whether a video is worth watching or not. A high number, therefore, makes a good impression and encourages people to watch and like the video.

Videos that quickly receive a high number of views are displayed better by Instagram

Last but not least, videos with a high number of views are displayed more often. Particularly relevant are the first minutes and hours after the publication of the post. It can give a very good signal to the algorithme if a relatively high number of views is generated in that period of time. The video is then also displayed to other subscribers and often even displayed on the explore page. Thus, new users also become aware of the video, which again increases the reach. By increasing the attention, new followers and likes can be generated.

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